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“Today, Diego kissed me,” Frida wrote, then crossed it out.
Apr 20

“Today, Diego kissed me,” Frida wrote, then crossed it out.

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Book Geek Quote #235
Apr 19

Book Geek Quote #235

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Apr 18

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"I’m going to puppet class.""I didn’t know there were puppet classes.""I didn’t either. Until I googled it."
Apr 17

"I’m going to puppet class."
"I didn’t know there were puppet classes."
"I didn’t either. Until I googled it."

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Apr 16



the remote and little known rice terraces of yuanyang county in china’s yunnan province were built by the hani people along the contours of ailao mountain range during the ming dynasty five hundred years ago. the terraces, once planted during the early spring season, are then irrigated with spring water from the forest above, which reflect sunlight to create the images seen here.

photos by jialiang gao, javarman, isabelle chauvel and thierry bornier
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these remind me of van gogh’s paintings

Apr 15

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Apr 14

Mac and Ninny believe that if you love your books you should label them, and make sure you get them back (if you lend them out), by badging them with one of their beautiful bookplates.

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Apr 13

Indian Houses inspired by Ettore Sottsass.

Tirunamavalai, Tamil Nadu

Photography by Vincent Leroux

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Book tags
Apr 12

Book tags

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Apr 11

Sunlit tranquility or moonlit mystery, E. Adveno Brooke’s The Gardens of England (1858) has it all.

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